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 Wholesale Policies

Rules are so OFF-BRAND for the revolution but here are a few "Guidelines" (yeah, that sounds better) for ordering wholesale from Tiny Revolutionary:

  1. We have a 6 Piece minimum on all Wholesale Orders but you can make that 6 pieces any way you like, does not have to be from one size or style.
  2. You must provide us with a Tax Id at checkout – you know, so the man (i.e. IRS) won’t shut down the revolution.
  3. Lead time on most orders is only 2-3 days. We’ll let you know if its’s going to be longer so you don’t sit around and pine away for the TR awesomeness to arrive.
  4. Shipping charges are assessed when your order is shipped. We don’t do any crazy mark-UPS but if you prefer to use your carrier and number, just let us know - you can use the comments field in check-out if you like.
  5. We won’t charge your card until your order ships.
  6. All returns will be assessed a 20% Restock fee. Unless of course, we did something to screw it up in which case there is not restock fee and you’ll receive a complimentary puppy in the mail as our way of saying, “Sorry”. If you’d prefer a kitten, just let us know.

In return for following all these er, UM, "Guidelines", we promise following:

We promise to send you the best product, as quickly as possible, at the fairest price we can. We promise to pursue innovation in our products and our processes and we promise to make the world a better, kinder place for you, your children, all its animal inhabitants and the Earth itself.

Read all About it: TR Featured in Kiwi for our Eco-Friendly Printing

Need More Contact??

Tiny Phone  :  678.644.8323
Tiny Email   :
Tiny Fax       :  888.538.1406

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