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Our Family Story

When thinking about having kids, going through the process and then actually having Viv, we encountered a lot of moments where we realized the potential of children to transform others. Family members who seemed leery of our choices suddenly softened and became thrilled by the idea of getting to be grandparents. Friends who had formerly not even considered having kids started to ponder the idea that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all. We found ourselves in touch with new institutions – reproductive clinics, baby retailers, pediatricians offices - and we found that with each opportunity to interact with the people in these places, we were changing the way they viewed “family.”

Sure, we could have chosen to deal with only those institutions that were friendly to our “type” of family, but we made a different choice. We decided to put ourselves out there, and let our pregnancy be part of changing people’s view of family. Guess what? Everyone was pretty damn nice and those that weren’t, before long, softened and realized that we were just like any other people or person making a family and weren’t going anywhere anytime soon. The love and care we had to give a child was apparent and the people around us, who, hitherto had not seen such a family as ours, adjusted. That’s the funny thing – people begin to accept what they see every day. It’s too challenging to keep old ideas in the face of new experiences.

Sometimes, our fear of what is out there prevents us from going for the things that we deserve. Don’t ever let someone’s potential disapproval of you garner the choices you make. This is your life – don’t live by someone else’s rules. If you want to have a child, have a child. You’ll find your fear was quite unsubstantiated. You will find more acceptance than you expected and where you might feel a little resistance, remind yourself that you are the temporary medicine that is going to help cure folks of all these silly ideas about what makes a family. People can’t change, can’t get well, if they don’t get the chance to see the real thing. So, be the cure. It takes a bit of courage but just think of the reward – you will have changed someone and in the process, changed the world. Pretty cool huh?

We wish you courage & happiness!

BreeAnne & Court

A Little More Bio Stuff

Tiny RevolutonaryBreeAnne Clowdus – The creative mind behind Tiny Revolutionary, BreeAnne spent the better part of a decade involved in political activism. Realizing that she might be spreading more dissonance than positive change, she traded in her bullhorn for a corner office and began to use her various work environments as opportunities to engage in “everyday activism.“ In the process, BreeAnne has worked in such diverse fields as documentary film, marketing & PR, customer service, branding and logistics. Most recently, she left her role as Director of Operations for an apparel company to assume her hardest job yet – stay at home mom.

BreeAnne brings her background in writing, design and branding to Tiny Revolutionary, hoping to turn all those moments on the picket line into something meaningful. BreeAnne is a graduate of Dartmouth college and a native Alabamian. “Yes, I grew up in a trailer. Sadly, not next to Hillary Swank.”
Tiny RevolutonaryCourtney – Courtney is the brilliant left side of the Tiny Revolutionary brain. With an extensive resume of corporate accomplishment, including Customer Experience consulting for companies such as Delta airlines and FedEx, Courtney drives the financial and logistical aspects of Tiny Revolutionary. She is extremely proud of her most recent resume addition – “Mom.”

Court is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Courtney’s diverse accomplishments include a stint as a nationally ranked child-Chess champion, a division ranked college volleyball player and a 1st grade double Dutch titleholder in her Los Angeles elementary school. “Thanks to BreeAnne I have lost all athletic ability, including, tragically, my ability to double Dutch.”

Courtney and BreeAnne met at their first job out of college – Court was still wearing her sorority key and BreeAnne had only recently laid down her bullhorn. They didn’t like each other from the start, leading to what has been an amazing 12 years together. They live in Atlanta with their daughter, Vivianne, their Chihuahua, Smidge and their two rescued cats, Elpheba and Grizabella.
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